September 14, 2019

My Challenges

Challenges, does it really work?

Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but for most people, it looks too good to be true. 

We don’t say that the result in the picture was achieved in 14 or 30 days, of course not. There are no quick fixes and if you think this is your magic bullet let me disappoint you, it’s not.

The reason our challengers are successful, they have done our 14-Day orientation program. Through these challenges they are set up for success.  We set you up step-by step for long term success.

We recommend starting on our 14 Day orientation program first, but you welcome to choose the 4 weeks where we have a 5 day orientation built in for you. The 4-Week are fitness focused program, but we will always guide you with your eating, because you can’t separate the two really.

Our program helps you with easy guidance and daily challenges to create new healthy habits to support you on your long term healthy active lifestyle. 

What to expect on the Challenge

Nutrition Tips

Exercising Tips

We understand balance and we will help you to get your balance right to help you understand our philosophy. 80% Nutrition and 20% Exercise .

Healthy Snacks

Your downloadable ebook will be loaded with healthy recipes and meal guidelines and healthy snack ideas to help you choose the plan tailored for you.

Daily Tips on Nutrition and Exercise

Testimonials of successful challengers

Nicole – Lawyer

“I’ve done a few Challenges, with this being my third. I must give credit where credit is due. My personal coach has made this Herbalife journey amazing. He is encouraging, supportive, motivational and extremely generous with his time. My products have always been on time and he is always prepared to help. He really does go the extra mile!”

Romy  – Fitness Instructor

“My health & wellness journey started about two years ago. As a teen, I was very sporty but was never interested in nutrition. My weight always fluctuated and energy was never one of my strong points and as a bonus, I had terrible skin. Having done a few Challenges, all I can say is, What an unbelievable program, I wish I’ve heard about it earlier. Now because of the education on this program, my husband and both our kids benefit now. I am now also earning rewards as part of the Herbalife Reward Program.

Yamkela – Chemist Assistant

“It has been a really good experience, especially being in the group where people share meal ideas and I tend to be so excited to try them. I am starting to get used to the lifestyle I have chosen. Although it’s very challenging since its winter, I am not backing down.”