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Results is the name of our game and this is what we thrive on. We do this by hosting back to back 21 Day to burn the Belly Fat Challenges which ultimately lead into our Transformation Club. That way, no matter how big or small your goal may be, we have an appropriate support structure in place to support you on your journey.

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An overview of the 21-Day Challenge

A short overview of what to expect and what steps to take to get started
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Welcome to the first step to shaping up and getting you in that beach body physique. Ashley here, I am one of your coaches to take you step by step on your 21- Day journey of transformation and self-discovery. The 21-Day to Shape UP Challenge is an online support structure to help you focus on your personal body goals.  We pride ourselves on creating a support structure where participants from all over the country can plug in and work towards their personal goal together with like-minded individuals on the same or similar journey.  Our goal is to help each challenger get nutrition smart, work on their mindset, keep focused, get informed and have fun while going for their personal goal. We keep things simple, fun and inspiring... yet exceptionally effective.

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These Super Coaches are here to help you get to your goal.


WELLNESS COACH – Personal Trainer
Hey, Ashley here. I am a wellness coach, life coach and a qualified personal and group exercise trainer. I love working with people and I cannot wait to help you achieve your goal. Come on, let’s do this together a team.

Natasha Adams

WELLNESS COACH – Personal Trainer
Welcome!! I am so happy that you landed up on our page. I am Natasha and I have struggled with my weight, especially my belly area for quite sometime. I came from 109 kilos to 70 kilos and with my experience I can help you to transform much faster than I did. I am really looking forward to our journey together.

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Entry fees vary according to your personal needs and monthly budget.