Challenges, does it really work?

Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but for most people, it looks too good to be true. 

We don’t say that the result in the picture was achieved in only 21 days, of course not. It takes consistency patience and a lot of discipline to say the least. There are no quick fixes and if you think this is your magic bullet, let me disappoint you, it’s not.

The reason our challengers are successful, they are committed and they have trusted the process. They also accepted the challenge to work hard. Through these challenges they are set up for success.  Our coaches have first hand experience of the process. Natasha, has lost over 45 kilos on the program and with all our experience, your are indeed in the right hands.

Our first 5 days of the program is to set you up, weening you into the process.  You will never feel lonely, because you have the support of some who did previous challenges and who just never want to quit. Then there are the new challengers and last but not least, your amazing coaches to assist you one on one coaching sessions and our group sessions. 

Our program helps you with easy guidance and daily challenges to create new healthy habits to support you on your long term healthy active lifestyle. 

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