Ashley & Natasha


Hey, thank you for stopping by and viewing our page. We are Ashley and Natasha, a husband and wife team. Our wellness journey started about 2 decades ago, when Natasha was struggling with her weight. 

Our Start

Well, I guess both of us struggled with our weight. She was overweight and I was battling to pick up some pounds. My problem was that I could eat and eat and nothing happened, where Natasha on the other hand, she could only look at food and she would stack the kilos. Does any of our stories relate to you? If it does then you my friend, are in the right place and we might just be the right people to guide you.

To get back to our story yes, both of us weren’t in a good space at the time I must admit. I think it was more of an issue for Natasha than for me. At the time we ran our own catering business and coffee shop. Life was relatively hectic and we were not really focused on our health, but then…

Our Turning Point

Our turning point, when a lady entered our coffee shop to see a client. It was only the two of them talking in the coffee shop, therefor Natasha could not help but overhearing the conversation which sparked her interest. When the client left, the other lady was still packing up her stuff, and Natasha made use of the opportunity to ask for help and that was when our lives were steered into a whole new direction.

As they say, the rest is history and our results were the reason for the birth of The BodyFixers, Health and Wellness coaches. We always had a passion to help people and to work out in gyms or even outdoors. Natasha and I met while jogging past each other, but that is another story for another time. The passion for people and wellness were the key ingredients for the start of our business and when your work is your passion, you never work a day in your life.

Our Focus

At The BodyFixers we strive to help one person at a time to become better versions of themselves. With today’s lifestyle most people suffer with a lack of energy, stress and these are some of the main factors in the world wide obesity epidemic of today. Due to technology, people become less active, even food gets delivered to their doors. Life is just getting more and more convenient by the day and as a result the human race gets more and more tired, stressed and sick.

Our focus is to educate our clients through our fun challenges that we run. These challenges create a platform for them to engage with others, learn from others on the same path as themselves built community so that they are accountable for one another’s success. 

Our Results

As a result of having a coach and accountable friends in a community, Natasha lost of 40 kilograms and I gained 6 kilos of lean muscle. Our result was the prime reason for us doing what we are doing for more than 2 decades now and we are just getting started.

Thank you for reading our story. There is more to this and I hope you will sign up to get our newsletter or join one of our challenges so that we can connect and meet each other in the near future. 

Best in Health

Ashley & Natasha Adams