The best healthy breakfast smoothie!

”Good morning master, breakfast is served!”… Where am I? I am in my bed, dreaming.

How the majority of us wish someone could wake us up each morning with these soothing words. I think some gave up and just quit eating breakfast at all, due to laziness of making it themselves.

Where are the days when you were still a child and the whole family was having their breakfast like the three bears? It’s sad to think that nowadays our morning routines are simply too rushed, or we simply avoid this important part of our days because we are too bored. So what’s the BIG deal about breakfast?

What is Breakfast?

For some people this means no breakfast, for others it can range from, coffee or coffee and toast, a stop at a fast food outlet to indulge in their highly acclaimed “healthy breakfast muffins” or doughnuts. It can be basically anything you eat first thing in your day. Breakfast is an old English term that was used, meaning to ‘Break the Fast’ since your last meal of the previous day.

So now I will go on to say that every person eats breakfast, but only the time of day varies from person to person.

Are you really skipping breakfast?

You might be missing out on the best healthy breakfast by skipping the most important meal of your day. If you understand me correctly, then you must have noticed that it is not really about skipping your breakfast, because breakfast is your first meal of the day. But rather that it is neglecting to eat this meal when you are supposed to eat it, the morning and not mid-morning or afternoon.

I had a client whose first meal was round about 3pm. What a shocker that was for me as well as for her, after finding out why she needed to have this meal as early as possible. The problem with neglecting breakfast is the rushed morning routines or the boredom of having the same food every single day.

I’ll go for smoothie?

I am a simple guy. Things must not be over complicated and I get very moody when I’m hungry. The solution for me is a smoothy and I am going to be bias here, my number one choice is a Herbalife shake. You may put into your body whatever you like, I just want the best for myself, and when someone guesses your age to be 10 years younger than your actual age, it must say something about what you eat.

How does that saying go again ? – “You are what you eat, are you fast and cheap?” For the past almost 20 years this has been my healthy breakfast and I am proud to say it. No one in the family has to worry about it being too hot or too cold, it’s just right. Oh and if I may add, it has never been boring. If your kids want you to make their shakes for them, then what can I say? *the crowd claps while I have i proud moment*

Don’t be boring, Shake things up!

I guess the reason my kids voted me in as the breakfast chef in the house was, there are never a dull moment. Shake ideas are always fresh from Peanut butter bullet, to chocochino to, how can breakfast be boring, oh please man? We shake it up baby, we have fun with it. After all it’s the most important meal of the day, so why shouldn’t it be special and fun and delicious and smoothing. Is that a word? Don’t know but it sounds good hey?

If it’s to be, it’s a shake for me.

My reason for going the smoothy route is simple. That’s it, SIMPLE! Let me add Convenient, Nutritious, Delicious and it’s simply the best healthy breakfast. So here is a quick tip to save time in the morning. Cut up your preferred fruit and veg for your bespoke shake the night before. When you order your shake from us I will give you amazing recipes to try out, and before I forget. Join our 5 Day challenge, it’s a simple way to get you started with your healthy active journey

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Stay Awesome!


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