Ready, Set, GO!!

I guess you are feeling so amped to get moving and burn some fat! Oki Doki, then I am not going to keep you waiting but I am going to dive right into you’re at home fitness program. Here I am going to present you with a full 21 Day exercise routine, so you won’t have any reason to bring up any excuse, because everything you need is right inside you and in your home too.

Let’s Warm up with Marc
Your warm-up is such a key factor with any exercise or fitness program. Don’t just go diving into a workout and go hurt yourself..
Be cool and start off slowly and build it up. A warm-up is just getting the muscles and joints ready before you use them intensely. On colder days try to warm up for about 8 – 10 minutes and on warmer days a 3- 5 minute warm-up would be sufficient.

Depending on what part of the body you will use, eg. Leg day, focus more on warming up the legs. In the next video, Marc will take you through a 7-minute functional routine. Tell me how you did in the comments section below. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Leg Workout with Mark Coronel
So here we go with fitness routine 1, if this is your day 1, great stuff, enjoy leg day. Marc is taking you through a 10-minute leg routine. Focus on form rather than speed. Speed is a progressor, so don’t be in a hurry if you are only starting out now. Marc keeps it quite simple with a variety of squats and lunges you will be able to with ease. Enjoy leg day!

Get the Abs you’ve always wanted!
Maybe, maybe not, I am not sure if you just want a flat tummy or if you want some toned abs. Either way, you have a six pack, everyone has, you just need to work for it and it will show up. Focus on working the core than focusing on a six pack rather. Your core is a range of muscles from the abdominals right around your back. I am not going to try to be fancy here by giving you the scientifical names, just envision the lower to mid back to the front muscles, that’s core, meaning your central point. If you have a strong core you are basically in good shape.

Ever seen these guys like Frank Madreno lifting themselves up the poles? OMG! These guys have super strong cores.
Just remember that every great person or champion was once a beginner. Now, let’s start with a simple core workout.
In this video, Sasa Nocerino, international fitness expert, will take you through an I would say beginner/intermediate level core workout. Enjoy, you can do this!

Everything that jiggles must Go!
Yes, that includes the flab that looks like a bicep up side down. The part that waives with you when you waive at someone. Am I being rude here? NO, not at all, just trying to let you get the picture. Got it?, cool, let’s go on.

Let’s move up, to the upper body.

Most guys just want to workout their upper body, where ladies just want to focus on the mid section. It’s just better to focus on the whole body and work ther different areas on alternating days eg. Mondays – Legs, Tuesdays – Upper body, Wednesdays – Cardio full body – Thursday – Upper body, Friday – Legs and then rest for teh weekend if you have a 5 day workout plan. There are many ways to mix your workout program to fit your lifestyle.

In the next video Sasa so beautifully taking you through an easy to do upper body sequence. You are welcome to adjust the weight according to your strength and ability. Again I will stress form over speed. Go for it and enjoy the workout.

The Cool Down
Are you jetting of out of the gym straight after your workout? Aren’t you forgetting something?
Just as important as your warm-up and the body of your fitness program, so is the cooldown. Why should you?

5 Reasons why you need to cooldown after your workout

In simple terms it just brings the body from exercise state to normal state, but see the following extra benefits of cooling off after your fitness session:
• Reduce heart and breathing rates
• Gradually cool body temperature
• Return muscles to their optimal length-tension relationships
• Prevent venous pooling of blood in the lower extremities
• Restore physiologic systems close to baseline, or back to steady state.

In the next video Samantha takes you on a simple, yet effective beginner cool down stretching sequence.
This post workout stretch is designed with improving flexibility in mind. Holding each stretch for 20-25 seconds helps to relax and stretch tired muscles. This routine is great for post workout or for any time that you feel tight.

Work six days and rest one!
The simple reason why one get to the stage where we are forced to hit the gym is because we swop the ratio from 6/1 to 1/6. Get it? If you don’t let me make it clear, we work one day and rest for six then we end up at a cross road. This calles for desperate measures and this is when one lose it, because we are now looking for that quick fix. Quick fixes barely last.

Rather follow a simple regime like the example I have here on this page, and I am sure there are lots out there to follow. I just want to get you to start on a simple plan and stick with it for a few days. For a more personalised approach contact me by clicking here.

Rest days are so important, because it’s like resetting your clock. Muscles also recover and build during the resting period, yes it does.

It’s the same as to when you are sleeping, your body regain strength and recover to function even better the next day. So don’t skip this important break. Your body will thank you, and you will see results quicker, I promise.

To round this off, all I will say is if you work hard, you may rest hard, you deserve it. Let me know how things are going and share your comments below, I want to follow your success and help you get there, whatever your goal.

Stay awesome!!